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Are You a Believer?

Do you believe in your F&I Department's products, or do you just sell them?

These are fair questions....

Here's another question that will help you to find out if you're a believer....

What products are you currently enrolled in to protect your personal vehicles?

If the answer is 'none', that might be an indication that you are not a true believer. Maybe the enthusiasm for your products has slipped a little and if so, chances are, your penetrations have slipped as well. I like to ask F&I Managers what their favorite product is to offer, and the answers always vary. I then ask them 'why?'. Most tell me they have personal experience with the product themselves, or it seems to be what most customers see value in.

When someone believes in their products or services, they usually speak with enthusiasm. When talking about it, many times a story is a part of the dialogue. I'm sure you've heard..."Product knowledge leads to confidence, confidence leads to enthusiasm, and enthusiasm sell." What would you say if your customer looked you in the eye and asked you, "Do you have this on your vehicle?" If you do, you could answer with conviction and explain why you enrolled as well as how you decided on the term, mileage, etc. If you don't, that's another story.

My point is that when you believe in your F&I products, it comes through to your customer. It comes through your voice tone and in your body language. Your energy is positive and you project the message of: "You should join me", versus...."You should buy this".

Top producing F&I professionals not only know their products inside and out, they've enrolled in them and they love them. The best F&I managers are 'Product Ambassadors'. They have achieved multiple product enrollment, in most cases 2-3 product penetrations per sell. This is accomplished because they believe in the products they offer and that translates into enthusiasm. When you are a believer and an expert at product knowledge, that promotes trust and you have a winning combination.

It's been said that actions speak louder than words.

Consider it an investment in your career and next time you buy or lease a vehicle, fully protect yourself.

Let actions show that you believe in your products!


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