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Our Proven Process

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What Makes Us Unique?

Vision Management's Features:


Vision Management is at the forefront every day in dealerships seeing firsthand how marketing, sales/promotions and the economy are affecting our partner’s bottom line. This empowers us to quickly recognize what is and what isn’t working, and modify our process - constantly developing and evolving to produce improved results and participation.


Vision Management knows exactly what our partner’s needs are, and by designing business office strategies with profitable results, we are able to focus on the dealership and not some product that we are trying to sell.

Distribution Agreements

Vision Management will not be locked into any one-product company or forced to achieve sales quotas to receive discounts. This means we can truly listen to the customer and find them the products they want without having a hidden agenda.


Vision Management provides our partners with training resources in Management, Business Office Sales, and Customer Service; from software to individual mentoring, one-time presentations to ongoing training plans. We make it all available to meet their unique needs.

Sales & Business First

Most of the training and development is produced by individuals who serve as experts in their field. More often than not they promote their own notoriety then call themselves Sales/Management/Customer Service experts. This is not the case with Vision Management. We are a business first, which seeks to earn a profit by working successfully with other businesses. Our Owner and President, Tony Fiorillo, is in the field everyday face-to-face with our partners.

Mature Education Model

Vision Management understands that individuals do not learn skills from exposure to concepts. Our proven approach is execution at the point of transaction, by involving the individual in the learning process through discussions, participation and exercises with everyday work related experiences.

Head-to-Head Competitors Are Non-Existent

Vision's competition for development and training solutions in automotive business offices is virtually non-existent. There are few, if any, “true” brokers in the marketplace; most are tied to one company for their products.

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