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F&I Products

Giving Your Customers Options

Vision Management Group provides our clients with a dynamic assortment of F&I products; from Vehicle Service Contracts, to Excess Wear and Tear - your customers can mix, match, or have it all. With our unique distribution agreements, Vision refuses to be locked into any one-product company. Your comprehensive solution starts here.

Vehicle Service Contracts

Major problems or breakdowns occur frequently even with new vehicles; make sure they're covered with a variety of affordable options. 

Vehicle Service Contracts.PNG

Customizable Certified Warranty Program

We offer your customers an airtight warranty no matter what their specific needs are!

Warranty Program.PNG

Guaranteed Asset Protection

If their automobile or RV is totaled or stolen, the customer-liable gap in coverage is paid for. 


Life proves to be uncertain and unforeseen accidents and sickness can always happen - protect them and their loved ones.

credit insurance.PNG

Credit Insurance

Tire and Wheel

Coverage for tires and rims from road hazards and normal wear and tear, including road side assistance. 

Tire and wheel coverage.PNG

Dent and Ding

We offer coverage for all those unavoidable exterior cosmetic damages.

dent and ding.PNG

Windshield Treatment

We offer coverage for rocks, sand and any other hazardous debris that can damage windshields. 


Excess Wear and Tear

Extensive coverage for all of the vehicle-possible deterioration and other damages. 

excess wear and tear 2.PNG

Prepaid Maintenance

Instill loyalty and satisfaction with your clients by including service and car care coupons.

prepaid maintenance.PNG

Environmental Protection Packages

Go green and offer customers and most Earth-friendly technologically advanced vehicle coverage inside and out!

Looking Out the Car Window

Key/Remote Replacement

As technology advances, so do key/remote replacement costs. 

With this service, loss/damage is covered. 

Car Keys


Life's unpredictable difficulties can bombard your clients at a moment's notice; have their first year covered so they can "walkaway" from negative circumstances.

Carefree Drive
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