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Variable Operations

Helping You Maximize Profits on the Front End

Client Specific/ Customized Offerings

Vision Management Group provides our clients with a dynamic assortment of products. From Vehicle Service Contracts, to Excess Wear and Tear - your customers can mix, match or have it all. With our unique distribution agreements, Vision refuses to be locked into any one-product company.


Your comprehensive solution starts here. 

Increased Profits

Driven by Design

Do you want the secret to top variable performance?

Vision Management has the key to transform your dealership into a top performer with the simplest, most refined processes in the business. Our unique training focus encompasses three areas:

Vision's Training & Development, In-Store Training, and Self-Directed Training.

Proprietary Process

At Vision Management, we combine our insights on how to transform your projects, processes and strategies - and in turn, your dealership. This empowers us to quickly recognize what is and what isn't working, and modify processes accordingly tailored to your specific needs. We're constantly developing and evolving to provide improved results and participation.

Automotive Compliance

Vision's Automotive Compliance is a one-vendor solution for all dealership compliance requirements. We provide you with all the needed solutions, tools, training and resources to make your dealership compliant.


In the auto industry, many new regulations have been established over the past few years. The lack of time to become knowledgeable in these processes can be detrimental to your dealership when handling these unfamiliar policies. 

At Vision, we are experts in our field and know how to create the framework that is necessary to comply with government regulations, such as:

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