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Time Expectations

Customers have time expectations.

Sales representatives may have told them it would take 2 or 3 minutes to be seen by F&I.

The goal is the under-promise and over-deliver. Sure, you may have a customer that is not very happy when they are told it is going to be an hour before they can finish their paperwork. However, it is better to deal with their initial disappointment, rather than having the customer complaining to the F&I manager. Your sales Rep told them they would be seen in a few minutes, and they have been waiting an hour. This is not a good way to begin an F&I turn.

One your customer is in the business office, fully disclose the Customer Acknowledgement Form and review the Repayment Options, aka THE MENU (7 minutes, and not 45 minutes they are expecting). Your F&I manager will have the client feeling like you are looking our for their best interest. Instead of being the "bad guy", you can go from zero to hero. Now your F&I manager is in a much better position to succeed.

By setting the time expectations and following the initial introduction of the "correct process", you can better manage your F&I results. Under-promise on time and then exceed the expectation. You will change a frustrated customer into a happy customer. Your customers were in the business office in 20 minutes instead of the hour they were expecting. Manage the time expectations more effectively, and you will have a more relaxed and open-minded customer.

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